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for the XXI Century


The communication leap hypothesis
The communication leap hypothesis states that every time a substantial increase of communication has occurred, a major cultural change has followed. 

Current communication increase is the biggest. Cultural change should also be the more important one and may happen quickly.


The severing drama
After any strong communication leap, some social segments split from trunk population and develop their own civilization. (How to face possible civilization clashes between 2005 and 1015) more
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The second digital divide
A low speed transition will produce a kind of society where an important proportion of decision makers and leaders will still have no direct experience on using the new communication technologies. The lag of decision makers appears to be the second digital divide. It conveys more devastating effects than the first divide at the bottom.  more

The coming cultural change
Current cultures need to start evolving quickly in order to manage the novelty overload. By 2010 a kind of general emergency state takes place and several large projects of culture transformation  start  everywhere. more

The unbending process
In early stages, people is confined within the boundaries of cultural prescriptions, In advanced stages, people make their cultural frameworks to evolve. At the beginning culture shapes people. At the end, people  shape culture. more

Symbiotic biosphere
Entelechy which consists on a biosphere where depredation, necrosis and parasitism have completely been eradicated.  more
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The white hole
As soon as the amount of communication reaches a critical mass, a white hole is formed. A white hole is some sort of gate between material and nonmaterial realms. In a very advanced white hole, all forms of communication are symbiotic in nature. more
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Polymetric thinking
Polymetric thinking is build of the awareness of dyads and triads of antagonistic elements. While conventional monometric thinking perceives reality as sets of attributes, polymetric thinking understand reality as amalgams of paradoxes more
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Overcoming the industrial state of mind

By Industrial State of Mind I mean a set of economic paradigms, cognitive structures and visions about economic activity and a clear cut set of attitudes about economics.

As soon as the Industrial State of Mind has been overcome and replaced by more powerful views and attitudes, the new economic activity will be able to flourish, producing higher standards of economic output, far beyond any precendent

At the edge of science, technology, reality and the possibilities of the future    
The retrieval hypothesis
The retrieval hypothesis

Some day in distant future, humans or their descendents using very advanced technology and knowledge would be able to rebuild dead individuals.

This article explores what could happen if retrieval was possible and how it could affect us now.


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