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Industrial revolution


Industrial revolution produces a new civilization which is very different from any form of pre-industrial civilization 

Communication leaps


Speech revolution Agricultural revolution  Urban revolution Industrial revolution
Novelties ::Mastering of fire
::Stone tools
::Abstract thinking
::Stable settlements
::First cities
::First written laws
::Amplifiers for muscular work with material machines
::Knowledge diffusion
Political organization :: family groups :: Tribes ::First empires ::Big centralized states
Political power ::personal leadership :: Kings ::Theocracies ::Representative democracy
Markets and trade   :: Exchange :: Money ::Confined economies within sealed areas 
::High scale trade within sealed areas 
Ways of thinking :: Magical :: Magical :: Religions ::Ideologies
Resources ::Materials ::Materials
::Natural forces
::Material engines
::One way mass media 
::Science & technology
Activities ::Hunting
::Military strategy
::Conventional industrial manufacture
::Services for the conventional industrial manufacture