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The "Vehicle" design 

The "Vehicle" is an application that allows to create and manage projects in the Internet 


I began to work in the Vehicle in May 1999. From then on, 9 different versions have been written before the current prototype was adopted (November 20000)


The vehicle is aimed at mobilizing the existing potential for the creation new initiatives which is still latent in society. Activation of such a potential seems to be of the paramount importance as far as  we have now to rethink almost everything in order to fit the XXI century requirements.


The Vehicle allows the creation and the management of projects. It permits to participate in those projects too. Collaborations may be paid by money or credits.   When a project seeks to produce a product or service which will be aimed at commercial exploitation, a commercial firm is to be created at the end of the works and then credits will  automatically be transformed into shares of that firm.

You may visit the Vehicle at:  
from December 2000 / January 2001.


Among the persons who have helped me in the building of the Vehicle I want to make an especial  mention to Joan Vidal, Laia Sanjuan,  Xavi Tirado, Juan Manuel Vázquez and Esther López.

I would like to recall also Carme Saltó Sànchez, Berta Leal and Javier Rodriguez Blanco for their support.