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Transit project


The Transit project has been organized under the financial support of the Institut Cerdà of Barcelona, following a personal decision of its chairman Pere Duran Farell.


The objective of the transit project was to descript draft-projects that could ease the transition to the communication society.


In a first step, I had to write an early version of the drafts. Afterwards, they were submitted to a pool of experts for their evaluation. On the basis of the collected opinions, the draft-projects  were refined.

Pool of experts

Jacques Arlandis IDATE
Scientific Director and Deputy Director
Josep Bañeres Fundació LA CAIXA
Director de recursos informàtics
Ernest Braun Austrian Academy of Sciences. Viena
Umberto Colombo Chairman of ENEA, Roma
André Danzin Président du CESELEC
Président du Programme Intergouvernemental de l'Informatique de l'UNESCO
Conseiller auprés des Communautées Européenes, de l'OTAN et de l'UNESCO
Giuseppe Gario Director of the Instituto Regionale di Recerca della Lobardia, Milano
Jordi Graells Director del Institut Cerdà, Barcelona
Santiago Guillén Director del Centre Divulgador de la Informàtica, Barcelona
Alexander King Former President of the Club of Rome, Paris
Jacques Lesourne Directeur de Le Monde, Paris
Joan Majó Cruzate Advisor "hors classe" at the Commission Of the European Communities, in charge of development of information technologies and telecommunications policy.
Josep Mª Monguet  Director de MABB, Sistemas interactivos S.A., Barcelona
Eleonora Masini Chairman of World Futures Studies Federation, Rome
Paull Robathan  Infact Limited, Director. London
Bertran Schneider General Secretary of the Club of Rome, Paris

The Transit project ended by the Transit meeting held in Barcelona from the 25th. November to the 27th November 1992.

Participants in the Transit Meeting:

Jacques Arlandis
Josep Bañeres
Ernest Braun
Josep Burcet
Joan Majó
André Danzin
Santiago Guillen
Jordi Graells
Eleonora Masini
Paull Robathan

The Transit meeting produced the following document:

Transition to a new society
(Manifesto of Barcelona)

Most of the initiatives proposed by the Transit project, even if they were written at the beginning of the 90's, before the Internet explosion, keep nowadays its full freshness and meaning. I hope it will be feasible to launch some of them, in the years to come.