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The design of the future: theory and practice 

The design of the future: theory and practice is a chapter of a book which gathers several contributions. The initiative was due to the Institut de Tecnoètica de la Fundación EPSON, in Barcelona.

The chapter proposes a conceptual framework for the analysis of the process by which introduction of novelty happens. Theoretical discussion  focuses on how to expand the ability of absorb novelty in the years to come.

The book is an individual and a collective work, at the same time. It is collective in the sense that drafts have been discussed among contributors. It is individual to the extend that every author has written his own draft and, after discussions, he has decided the final content.


Miquel Barceló, Josep Burcet, Josep Mª  Esquirol, Albert Florensa, Isidor Marí, José B. Mariño, Climent Nadeu, Artur Serra, Josep Vives

An English version of the chapter is currently written. If you want to have it, please let me know: 

Current text (in Catalan) is available here

For more information: 

Institut de Tecnoètica: telef. 34 93 2373400