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New communications and Catalan municipalities

Research on the new communication technologies adoption by Catalan municipalities 

Interviews were realized from the ACM (Associaciˇ Catalana de Municipis i Comarques) during April and May 2000

The rapport contains a description of the current situation in issues such as Internet usage, local network usage, open administration formulas and others.

The main finding is that the introduction of new communication means depends on the size of the city. The larger, the better. Nevertheless, municipalities were the major operates e-mail by him/herself tend to be more advanced in the process of new communication technologies adoption. 

The rapport includes also a discussion on conceptual framework which states that the key factor for a quick new technology adoption is cultural in nature. As a consequence, it is postulated that a vast and deep process of institutional renewal is required.

Provisional draft (in Catalan): please, click here

The final text is currently in press. For more information:  ACM,  tel. 34 934961616